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2 x Trainer /Assessor positions available

We are unique …

At APT Specialist Hydraulics and Training we are passionate about helping businesses and individuals increase their knowledge and workplace safety. We don’t just provide training – we deliver customised packages tailored to the needs of each client that are relevant and engaging, combining industry-leading software simulation and practical hands-on exercises. 

To support APT’s ongoing growth, we are seeking two motivated individuals with either a mechanical or electrical trade background who would like to build on their experience in heavy industry by delivering Nationally Recognised Fluid Power training courses. We are one of only a few RTO’s in Australia delivering this type of training so the knowledge you gain will be a niche skill set that you won’t get anywhere else!

The opportunity…

As a Trainer and Assessor you will design, coordinate, refine and deliver quality training to clients; provide guidance and assistance to students to ensure training outcomes are met and individuals succeed.  The position requires someone who is a self-starter, engaging, has great communication skills and enjoys getting out of their comfort zone.

You need to have strong skills in hydraulics but not necessarily be a qualified trainer – you just need to be passionate about sharing knowledge, keen to learn (a lot!) and seeking responsibility. As this role requires regular travel you will need to be adaptable, flexible and able to work autonomously. In return, as part of the APT family, you will be well supported and have great flexibility and ongoing development opportunities.  

Some more about you…

  • Trade qualifications in Mechanical or Electrical 
  • A strong understanding of Hydraulics and Fluid Power
  • Understanding of electrical control systems
  • Keen to learn
  • Adaptable
  • Autonomous and seeks responsibility
  • Team player
  • Strong computer skills
  • Cert IV Trainer and Assessor will be highly regarded
  • Diploma or above Engineering Qualifications would be highly regarded

If this sounds like the role for you, watch the video (or this link before submitting your application. For more information, you can contact Kyle on 0411 475 760.

Email your resume and cover letter to:

Meet our newest Team Member – Charlotte

Charlotte Laval

Her Role: 

Charlotte has come to us with a background in Hospitality and Customer Service, and is currently working for us on a part time basis as our Trainee Admin Officer.  Welcome to the APT team Charlotte!
A quick 5 questions:
1. What did you want to be when you grew up when you were in primary school? “An art teacher”
2. What’s the best piece of work-related advice you’ve ever received?  “there is always something to do, even when you feel like everything is complete”
3. What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not working? “Sport and travelling, I grew up travelling the world and still enjoy it.”
4. Who would you most like to switch places with for a day? “My dog, Oliver.”
5. What’s your favourite hobby? “Taking my puppy on walks, I love seeing how happy he is when out and about”

Arrived safely at last

APT Mobile Practical Workshop

APT’s Dave Thomas has explored approximately 1500 km of Australia on his way from Toronto Newcastle to Emerald Queensland.

Dave is in the area and would love to come and visit to say hello, or assist with any documentation, troubleshooting, or training concerns you may have. The experienced staff of APT will be rotating throughout our 6 month stay in the area, you may just be lucky enough to meet everyone.

Let us know if you see the car or trailer around, or even better, send us a pic or post to social media.

Read more here

Request a visit or phone call by clicking here


Results from First Lego League – Trash Trek

Read the introduction here. 

Now for the results.

The students were super excited to be off on adventure on Monday 30th November.  Upon arrival it was straight into Coaches meetings and the opening ceremony.IMG_3982

The first judging was Robot Design – the students did their best but hadn’t had time to review how we designed the robot and the program, so it all went well considering.

Next up was first round of the Robot Challenge, here it was found that the table was slightly different to ours including a bit of a lean and this played havock with the robot. Although completing 2 challenges scored 0 points due to penalities.

The students were pretty down after this and feeling very frustrated. Good use of the practice time booked resulted in some time tuning the robot for one of the challenges and practicing launches.

Next was Core Values Judging straight away – the students absolutely aced this one without a lot of preparation – a true testament to the core values of the school. It was proud moment to see all the students talking the talk and understanding the values as discussed. They had to work on a mini project which once again they absolutely aced working as an impromptu team and presenting their ideas.IMG_3995

Next up was Robot Challenge 2 – this time with the robot tuned a bit they scored 70 points – they showed some really good quick   thinking when one of the programs wasn’t working and made a decision to crash the demolition challenge and gain the points – well done!

There were approximately 40 schools enrolled in the competition. Biraban Public School was one of 3 primary schools from the hunter area, the others being Grafton and Scotts Head. The students spirits were raised as they hadn’t realised they were one of only 3 primary schools there!

More practice time to tune the robot while the other part of the team presented the project.

Third robot challenge and the students did even better and scored 113 points.

All up, they finished 28. Awesome effort for a first attempt and with minimal practice sessions and a few teacher changes along the way.IMG_4002

I had the chance to take the girls and introduce them to Erin Felan who is a wonderful role model. She is studying Mechatronics and Physics at uni and coaches 2 First Lego League and 1 First Tech Challenge team. The girls really lit up when Erin started talking about what she does!

Find out more about Biraban Public School here.

We have closed up shop

Don’t Panic, it’s only for two weeks.

Don't Panic




APT will be closed for Christmas and New Years.

Office will shut as of close of business Friday 18th December and re-open on Monday 4th January 2016.

If you do need to reach us, contact us on 02 4016 6443 we will be checking messages.

Thank you to all our loyal customers, suppliers, students and followers we look forward to seeing you all after a well earned break.

Too many tasks?


Negative to positive

Which face is you, right now?

Is your to do list growing each time you look away?

At this time of year we tend to feel it is too much and we are losing control.

Roll with the punches and relax here are some tips…

Enjoy what you do.

Even the most tedious tasks need to be completed. If you go in with the mindset of “this is boring” it will be. Put some enthusiasm into each component of the task and you will notice a different outcome containing a sense of pride and satisfaction at a job well done. If it is something that just does not appeal to you but must be done, find a way around it, whether it be exchanging with a colleague or getting external assistance. Then you can continue doing what keeps you happy.

You are valuable.

No-one likes to admit it, but each of us are replaceable. Whilst most of us go to work for our employer each day, for some of us, someone we don’t even see, it does not have to be all about keeping the boss happy. Think of it as a two way street. You keep boss happy, boss keeps you employed and will invest in you. Make sure you put the effort in and try to find solutions to each problem as it arises, ( or even preempt it ) or your future as it currently stands may be a little shaky. If you need assistance to acquire the skills to continue then find them. Most employers want you to be successful, because in turn that makes them successful too.

Stay out of the political battles.

So many of us have strong opinions on a few topics or about certain people. It is easy to get caught up in these discussions with your colleagues. Remember though that if you say it out loud you can not retract it. If you can find a better way to achieve something, bring it to the attention of the correct person. Don’t waste time pointing out others errors, provide a solution/option and let the results speak for themselves.

Delegate or outsource.

Where possible, to lighten your workload, delegate or outsource tasks. You do not need to personally attend to each individual action. By utilising the strengths and resources of others you will increase your productivity and achieve goals much faster and perhaps even at a reduced cost.


APT can assist you in achieving your goals whether it be obtaining recognition for your current work and skillset or progressing in your career and taking the next step to obtaining your qualifications. Documentation, 3D Modelling, and audits for machinery to meet compliance is going to save money and increase productivity.

We can help you to be the best at what you do so why not Contact us today to see how we can help lighten your workload and advance to a new, smoother running 2016 for you.