Buy Rexroth Hydraulics Textbook

APT Specialist Hydraulics and Training use the Rexroth Bosch Group Hydraulics Manual in most of the courses delivered.

As part of the course cost, our students receive a manual which will be a very valuable tool for them for many years to come.

Rexroth Manual Spine

This manual is a sought after comprehensive reference guide in the hydraulics industry.

Covering topics such as basic hydraulic principles, amplifiers, electricity and electronics, cartridge valves and circuits. The appendices feature common formulae and conversion charts along with on the job reference tools including illustrations and tables.

You can attend our office in Toronto, NSW Australia and pick one up for $110.00 inc of GST.

If you would like the manual delivered to you ( only available for Australian addresses ) cost will be $130.00 inc of GST.



Contact us now and we will put aside a copy for you.

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