Fluid Power Safety and Awareness Course

Fluid Power Safety & Awareness Course

Cost $99.00 ex gst

Duration 2 hours

Minimum of 4 students – no maximum

Upon completion students will receive a Certificate of Attendance


Personnel working in all industries are exposed to High Pressure systems on a daily basis.
While hydraulic systems are safe to be around when maintained correctly everyone must be diligent in their interaction with hydraulic powered equipment. Simple things like ignoring a leaking hose or leaving a damaged cylinder can lead to a high risk situation.

The Fluid Power Safety & Awareness course teaches everyone about the hazards associated with High Pressure Systems and the responsibilities of everyone working around them. It also teaches about how to deal with an injury should it occur.

Legislation and industry guidelines recommend that all personnel working around high risk systems should be trained in the hazards – this includes hydraulics and high voltage electrical systems.

Topics Covered

  • Training as recommended in MDG41, all specific to fluid power systems:-
  • Knowledge and understanding of hazards and required controls
  • Fluid injection, burns, ignitions, projectiles, contact hazards, mechanical movement, whipping hoses etc
  • General safety procedures including emergency response
  • Levels of exposure to operators, maintainers and repairers
  • Isolation procedures including energy dissipation
  • Inspection of equipment
  • Reporting of faults and defects
  • Use of protective equipment
  • Discussion of past incidents
  • Written Assessment
  • Other site specific material may be added to the content, additional time may be required, contact us to arrange a quotation
Lockout Padlocks and Keys
Hydraulic Cylinders
Safety Glasses
APT's Complimentary DVD
Safety Hat

How we work

APT provide flexible training and an ongoing framework to build-on or formalise your existing skills and knowledge. In our courses, the use of advanced simulation and real world practices ensure optimal outcomes.
APT deliver training in a friendly, relaxed and comfortable learning and assessment environment. You can be assured that it’s to the best of our ability to support any special needs/requirements you may have with your learning.

Course Information

Training and assessment is usually completed at the APT Training Centre at Toronto NSW, however the course can be delivered at your own workplace if a full class is enrolled.
In such circumstances we bring the complete service to you including training simulations and fluid power equipment.

Course Assessment

Your trainer and assessor will clearly explain the assessment process to you and support you where necessary to ensure you have a full understanding of the process prior to commencing.
Some methods used to assess your competence include written questionnaires, verbal questions, third party reports, self assessment, log books or work journals, verified CV, workbook activities and certificate recognition of prior learning.

Course Outcomes

Successful participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Participant Pre-requisites

No prior knowledge or exposure required.