Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Have your existing skills recognised



MEM50119 – Diploma of Engineering – Advanced Trade $4000.00

MEM60112 – Advanced Diploma of Engineering $4500.00

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There is no need to undertake formal training for skills that have been developed through experience on the job, informal training or other training courses.


The RPL process is about collating evidence to prove you have the skills and knowledge required for a particular qualification or unit of competency. In some cases, gap training may be required to fulfill all the requirements and in others, you may not need any gap training at all.


In general, for each unit of competency, we are looking for 3 pieces of evidence (one piece of evidence might be suitable for more than one unit).

The types of evidence that may be used could be: 

  • video or photos of you using the skills
  • work samples – completed items, reports, etc
  • 3rd party evidence – eg: a letter from your employer

After all of your evidence is collected an assessor may have a technical interview with you to discuss your skills and knowledge – this can be done via face to face, telephone or video call.


The assessor uses all this evidence to make a determination of competence in each unit. There is no pass or fail if it is identified that you have not met the requirements of the unit you are deemed “Not Yet Competent” (NYC). If you are deemed NYC in 1 or more units we will offer gap training – price for this ranges from $100 to $500 per unit. 


While there are no formal entry requirements, to ensure the best chance of success in your RPL process the following experience is recommended

MEM50119 – Diploma of Engineering – Advanced Trade: prior trade qualification plus 4 years post trade experience

MEM60112 – Advanced Diploma of Engineering: 5 years experience working in a paraprofessional role

 ** If you do not have a previous trade but have the significant experience we can help arrange trade recognition for your skills – contact us to discuss your options.



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How we work

APT provide flexible training and an ongoing framework to build on or formalise your existing skills and knowledge. In our courses, the use of advanced simulation and real world practices ensure optimal outcomes.

APT deliver training in a friendly, relaxed and comfortable learning and assessment environment. You can be assured that it’s to the best of our ability to support any special needs/requirements you may have with your learning.

Course Information

Training and assessment is usually completed at the APT Training Centre at Toronto NSW, however, the course can be delivered at your own workplace if a full class is enrolled.

In such circumstances, we bring the complete service to you including training simulations and fluid power equipment.

Course Assessment

Your trainer and assessor will clearly explain the assessment process to you and support you where necessary to ensure you have a full understanding of the process prior to commencing.

Some methods used to assess your competence include written questionnaires, verbal questions, third party reports, self-assessment, log books or work journals, verified CV, workbook activities and certificate recognition of prior learning.

Course Outcomes

Successful participants will receive the respective qualification


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